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Charles Kowoski

Bitter Cold Blast Taking A Toll As Road Crews Prep For Anoth...

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"KDKA Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla says most of the snow will move through during the evening hours until about 2 a.m."


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Charles Kowoski

Signs You May Need To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

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To stay comfortable in your own home, an air conditioning unit is important. Like some other appliances, an air conditioner might occasionally need repairs. But at what point is it best to replace your system? It is a big investment to buy a new unit, however the cost to fix and continuing to use an older air conditioner may also be expensive. Sometimes a new appliance can save you money in the long term. It might be time to get a replacement if you have a cooling system that is more than 10 years old, uses R-22 Freon, runs inefficiently, isn't the proper size or needs repairs frequently.

Older Than 10 Years

Most well-maintained units can last about 10 to 15 years, while the life span of an air conditioner may vary by model and usage. Replacing as opposed to fixing might be the wiser approach to take, if you are facing a significant repair and your air conditioner is over 10 years old. In the last decade, there has been great technical advancements in cooling technology. If your unit is over 10 years old, you'll be able to replace it with a more efficient and effective model.

Uses R-22 Freon

The government is phasing out R-22 Freon. This refrigerant has been popular for decades, however it contributes to ozone depletion and global climate change. The price has already increased and may likely continue to escalate, even though R-22 Freon is still available. If your air conditioning unit requires a repair and uses R-22, it may make sense to buy a new system now that uses an alternative coolant. This might save you money in the long run and be a more friendly option for the environment.

It Runs Inefficiently

Replacing an inefficient air conditioner will provide greater comfort and save money over time. Have you found that your unit takes longer and longer to cool your home? Are you failing to get the same level of cool air and comfort from your unit that you use to? Do you find it difficult to keep your home cool? Do your electric bills keep increasing? These are all signs that the air conditioner is wasting energy (and your money). A new energy-efficient unit will run more effectively and be an important investment.

Wrong Size

Having an air conditioner of the proper size can make a huge difference in how it operates. An undersized system will waste energy by having to work constantly. An oversized unit will cool the air in your home quickly and shut off before the building’s structures are cooled properly. This means heat and humidity will seep into the walls, forcing the air to turn on again. These large bursts of frequent air are inefficient.

The correct size you need will depend on the size of your home’s living space, amount of sun exposure, shade from trees or nearby buildings, type and number of windows, kind of insulation and state of the duct work. You may benefit from a different sized cooling system, if any of these factors changed over the years, for example you have cut down some trees.

Frequent and Costly Repairs

It might not be worth continuing to invest in it, when your air conditioning unit keeps needing repairs. A new cooling system will get rid of the need for continued costly maintenance and save you money on energy costs. Plus, you’ll be a lot more comfortable in a well-cooled home.

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Charles Kowoski

Furnace tips to keep your home cozy

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"The firm is also hard at work on its second "Men of ABC" calendar showing actual ABC technicians helping out around the house in other ways that just equipment service. Fifty-thousand calendars are annually sent to customers and others in the suburbs, Then said. They also feature coupons for ABC services as well as helpful reminders throughout the year."


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You Should Have Your Heating And Cooling System Checked When Selling Your House

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Make certain you have your heating and cooling systems inspection on the do-to list, if you're preparing to sell your house. Most sellers realize that they need to have their house clean, repaired and de-cluttered so that it can make the best impression on any potential buyers. But, it won't take people long to move past aesthetics and start asking questions about the furnace and air conditioning, when an interested party comes through your home.

Reasons To Have Your Furnace And Air Conditioning Checked Before Listing

The housing market has recuperated from the Great Recession. With the exception of new construction, statistics indicate that home sales have returned to normal levels. For people buying and selling homes, however, the manic chaos of the housing bubble and the ugly aftermath of this bubble bursting are still fresh in their minds. Generally speaking, the majority of people are taking all aspects of buying and selling their homes more cautiously.

This cautiousness has strengthened the emphasis on quality home inspections, including inspection of the heating and cooling systems. Wisely, prior to potential home buyers purchase a house, they are insisting on a home inspection. Because of this, the smarter sellers are getting inspections done before they list their home for sale. In this regard, being proacitve will offer an aggressive edge compared to other sellers.

Let’s say you have your furnace and air conditioning inspected before you list your home, and the technicians find problems. At that time, you have options. You can choose to replace the systems or make the needed repairs. Should you decide not to replace or repair, you can choose to reduce the asking price of your home to compensate, or just disclose the issues to potential buyers so that they can make an informed decision about whether to buy your house.

It is true that it won't necessarily add a lot value to your house by replacing or repairing your furnace and air conditioner. It could be a problem, however, failing to understand and make necessary repairs. It may result in problems being uncovered in the buyer's home inspection, if you don't have your system checked ahead of time. At that time, you’re likely to see the buyer reduce their offer or even walk away from the deal altogether.

What Does a Furnace and Air Conditioner Inspection Entail?

Whenever you hire professional technicians to check your home’s furnace and air conditioning systems, they carry out a number of cleaning and inspection tasks. The technician is going to examine and tighten all the electrical connections. When using your furnace and air conditioner, the wiring expands and contracts, which can cause the connections to come loose. Your system will either fail or stop working if there are loose connections in the system.

The refrigerant in your air conditioner can leak in small amounts and, with time, lower the pressure in the unit enough to affect how well the unit functions. The technician is going to be there to ensure the unit has the appropriate level of refrigerant and will add more when it is needed.

The technician will check the contactors and replace them if needed. From your thermostat to your heating and cooling system, the contractors will be responsible for sending the "start" signals, which can break down naturally over time.

They'll also check that other parts are working properly, like the motor and related components, like the compressor and run capacitor. Since these parts are normally the most expensive to repair and replace, they are the most important inspections. Changing filters, checking fuses and lubricating bearings will be other routine inspection tasks.

It is a wise move to have your home's systems examined before listing your home for sale. It will indicate to the buyers that you've been proactive about maintaining the house. Even though the proper maintenance won't be a visible feature, it can definitely be a good selling feature for the serious buyer.

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